• Labsis Pro
    Get ready for a high-performance experience with LABSis Pro
    that allows you to manage your processes and samples in the laboratory.
  • NoiseView Measurement Systems
    With our hardware and software system equipped with up-to-date technologies, you can listen to the city for noise, heat,
    humidity or air pollution.
Easy Setup

Easy onboarding by dynamic configuration abilities

Saving Time

Shortens data transfer time by integrating analysis devices


Transparent management on laboratory operations


Proved performance on dense work loads.

Why U.S?

Ella Information Technologies

During our strategic partnership, we bring you effective solutions with our large-scale application services in line with your demands.

Ella Information Technologies Engineering and Consulting Ltd. Sti. We continue to produce the most suitable solutions for the structure of our strategic partners with the knowledge and experience we have gained since 1996. We are here to provide innovative, applicable and effective solutions to our customers, whom we see as our strategic partners, in line with their demands, and to provide confidence and stability.

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